Echo Of Moscow


March 3, 2022

Vladimir and Vladimir! Give in to each other…

The most important thing now is that today’s talks end this nightmare.

The world is on the brink of disaster.

Shortly after the invasion of Ukraine, Russia banned Echo of Moscow’s website and radio station, declaring their journalists to be foreign agents. Russia claims the outlets is guilty of violating a ban on calling the war “a war.”

February 28, 2022

Ukraine. Day five

On February 24, Vladimir Putin announced the start of a “special military operation” in Ukraine and “denazification of the country” at 5:30 am Moscow time.

Latest events:

? The Russian army resumed its attack on Kyiv – explosions are again heard in the capital of Ukraine, as well as in Kharkov. The offensive of the Russian army is expected in Kherson and Nikolaev*.

? The dollar on the Forex market is trading at about 113.5 rubles, and the euro – 127 rubles. This is a historical maximum, according to Bloomberg.

? The UN Security Council voted to hold an emergency meeting of the UN General Assembly on Ukraine on February 28 for the first time in decades.

? Ukraine recognized the loss of control over Berdyansk. All administrative buildings came under the control of the Russian troops, he said. about. mayor of the city Alexander Svidlo* .

February 18, 2022

LABELED: Who will stop the madmen? I am addressing the representatives of the political and economic elite of Russia. Are you sure you can control it? Are you sure that you have the strength to hold back the landslide chain of irreversible events that will drag us into a complete break in relations with the West and a military meat grinder? Can you keep the madmen, who are ready to risk thousands, if not millions of lives, within a millimeter of the Big Red Button, intended for a “limited nuclear strike” in order to “deter the aggression of superior conventional forces?”

America didn’t cave in—now what? Moscow escalates its demands to a crescendo: “Give us everything now!” At the same time, Moscow understands that “everything now” is impossible. Maximalism narrows the field of compromise, driving Russia into a corner. The threat in response to the American “No!” deploying Russian military infrastructure in Cuba and Venezuela already looks like a gesture of desperation. By using Ukraine as a bargaining chip, Russia has pushed Ukrainians even further into the arms of its rival. About 50 percent of Ukrainians are ready to resist the aggressor Russia, of which a third are ready to resist with weapons in their hands. And how to convince them now that we are one people with them?