March 3, 2022

Financial expert Lazareva spoke about the popular method of debt fraud

Calls with a proposal to “legally” write off large debts of over 300 thousand rubles began to often come to Russians, but, according to Evgenia Lazareva, the head of the ONF project “For the Rights of Borrowers”, these calls are fraudulent.

During such calls from unknown numbers, the voice robot offers a “legitimate” write-off of debts over 300 thousand rubles. Lazareva explained to RIA Novosti why these proposals are the favorite tricks of unscrupulous consultants who are trying to cash in on debtors.

February 18, 2022

Kedmi: Russia will return the West to the pre-NATO era if the US tries to deceive Moscow again.The US hopes to ‘buy off’ Russia in security talks, not realizing that this could be the end of NATO, said Israeli expert Yakov Kedmi. Americans continue to believe in their own invincibility, forgetting the fiasco in Somalia, Afghanistan, Vietnam and other countries. … In the United States, excessive self-confidence always coexists with an underestimation of the enemy, the expert believes. In the current situation, this could be fatal for NATO.”