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JULY 21, 2022

“They laid a Ukrainian flag on the floor and forced them to step on it.” Ukrainian volunteers spoke about the conditions in Russian captivity

Several Ukrainian volunteers, who were abducted at the end of March, were able to get out of the prison located on the territory of the “DPR”. At a press conference in Warsaw, they talked about how they spent 100 days in captivity.

JULY 18, 2022

Russia fired more than 3,000 missiles into Ukraine

Russian forces fired more than 3,000 cruise missiles and many artillery and other shells into Ukraine. President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky wrote about this on his Telegram channel.

Zelensky promised to bring to justice everyone involved in the strikes.

JULY 16, 2022

Two Pskov businessmen went to distribute humanitarian aid to the Kharkiv region and disappeared

Vladimir Minushkin and Artem Matveev a month ago began collecting humanitarian aid for the residents of the so-called LPR under the auspices of the St. Petersburg PMC “Mar”. In July, the entrepreneurs went to the Kharkiv region, part of which is under the control of the Russian army. Since then, they have not been in touch, Mediazona writes.

In June, entrepreneurs from Pskov , Minushkin and Matveev , decided to do charity work. They spent about 300 thousand rubles on a project to collect humanitarian aid for residents of the occupied territories of Ukraine – they rented a room, hired an employee, bought advertising and part of the humanitarian aid. For about a month, they also collected donations from unknown patrons.

JULY 13, 2022

“We haven’t negotiated with Russia.” The European Commission clarified “Vot Tak” sanctions on transit to Kaliningrad

The European Commission has published a document that explains how EU member states should treat the transit of goods from the main part of Russia to the Kaliningrad region. Vot Tak, spokesman Daniel Ferry, clarified that the Russian Federation may transport some banned products by rail. But there are several important conditions.

In the clarifications of the European Commission, it is said that the transportation of sanctioned goods on EU roads is prohibited. This restriction also applies to transit to the Kaliningrad region. “ We emphasize that our position has not changed. The transportation of goods through Lithuania is prohibited and will continue to be prohibited ,” European Commission spokesman Daniel Ferry explained to Vot Tak .

JULY 8, 2022

With neighbors like that, you don’t need enemies. Protesters in North Macedonia accuse Bulgaria of ‘ethnocide’

North Macedonia continues its thorny path to the European Union. Unlike the vast majority of other countries, which needed to rely only on their own strength and follow the path of reforms common to all candidates in order to obtain membership in the organization, the authorities in Skopje also have to seek compromises with intractable neighbors. This week, unacceptable, from the point of view of part of the North Macedonian society, the demands of Bulgaria led to a new wave of mass protests, which escalated into riots and clashes with the security forces.

JULY 3, 2022

In Turkey, a ship under the Russian flag was detained. It could be transporting stolen Ukrainian grain

In Turkey, the Zhibek Zholy cargo ship was detained, which, according to preliminary information, was transporting Ukrainian grain, Reuters reports .Ukrainian authorities claim that it may be carrying a cargo of cereals that Russia stole from Berdyansk.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Turkey Vasily Bodnar told Reuters that the ship was detained by Turkish customs officers at the request of the Ukrainian side. On Monday, investigators will start checking the cargo and find out if it was stolen. Russian authorities deny the allegation of stealing the grain.

JULY 2, 2022

Lawyer Dmitry Talantov was accused of spreading “fake news” about the Russian army

Lawyer Dmitry Talantov officially became a defendant under the article about “fake” about the Russian army. It is reported by “OVD-Info”.

The persecution was based on a Facebook post in which Talantov called the actions of the Russian army in Mariupol, Irpin and Bucha “Nazi practices.” According to investigators, Talantov was aware that the publication would lead to the fact that “citizens will experience fear and a sense of anxiety, anxiety and insecurity” on the part of the state.

JULY 1, 2022

UNESCO, kitchen, two borsch. How Ukraine won the right to own borscht from Russia

On Friday, July 1, the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage Committee, at an extraordinary meeting in Paris, made the final decision to include the Ukrainian element “Ukrainian Borscht Cooking Culture” into the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. In simple words, now borscht has officially become a Ukrainian dish. Russian borscht lost the battle for survival.

Vot Tak correspondent recalled the chronicle of the gastronomic conflict between states and found out why it is so important for Ukraine to protect borscht from Russia’s recent claims.

JUNE 29, 2022

Persecuted blogger Inse Lander allowed to enter Georgia for transit

Blogger Insa Lander, who is being prosecuted in Russia on charges of “facilitating terrorist activities,” was able to cross the Georgian border. She later flew to another country. The Russian authorities, meanwhile, put her on the wanted list.

On the morning of June 29, Insa Lander tweeted that she had landed in a safe country the night before. The details were told in the Tbilisi_life telegram channel. According to them, the blogger spent more than 15 days between the borders of Russia and Georgia. On June 27, she was given the go-ahead to enter, and on June 28 she arrived in Lithuania.

JUNE 26, 2022

NATO will double its contingent in Eastern Europe, and Russia is again on the verge of default. Results June 26

According to the Spanish El Pais, following the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid, participating countries may decide on the largest deployment of troops in the Eastern bloc of the Alliance since the end of the Cold War.

In addition, the summit is expected to adopt a new NATO strategic concept , in which Russia will be called a direct threat to the Alliance’s security.

JUNE 21, 2022

Russian officials will be paid double salary during trips to the “DNR” and “LNR”

Russian officials will receive double pay during business trips to the occupied territories. This follows from the decree of the government of the Russian Federation.

The document clarifies that the double salary will be paid by “ employees of organizations and institutions subordinate to federal authorities during their stay on business trips in the territories of the “DPR” and “LPR” and other territories that need to ensure the livelihoods of the population and restore infrastructure ” .

JUNE 20, 2022

Hackers attack Russian universities on the day of the admission campaign

On Monday afternoon, dozens of university websites were down due to a massive DDoS attack. For example, the websites of the Polytechnic University and the Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN) were not opened.

Problems with access to the websites of universities also arose in other cities of Russia. So, in Nizhny Novgorod, users cannot get to the websites of Minin University, UNN. Lobachevsky, NSTU im. Alekseev, branch of NSTU in Dzerzhinsk, NGLU named after. Dobrolyubova and SarFTI NRNU. The site of Tyumen State University crashed several times.

JUNE 19, 2022

“You don’t know which word might be the last.” A resident of Kherson spoke about life in the occupation

A resident of Kherson, on condition of anonymity, told Belsat that active participation in the protest against the Russian occupation ends in torture and repression. Therefore, Kherson residents begin to protest at the household level – they do not buy Russian goods and try to “dissociate themselves from everything connected with the Russian Federation.”

As Andrei (not his real name) said, the day of a resident of occupied Kherson begins with going outside in search of cheap food and hoping that representatives of the occupying authorities will not detain you.

JUNE 18, 2022

Macron, Scholz and Draghi in Kyiv. What can Europe do?

The President of France, the Federal Chancellor of Germany, and the Prime Minister of Italy arrived in Kyiv on the same train (they were soon joined by the President of Romania), and every moment of this visit, which many in the Ukrainian capital already consider historic, was filled with symbolism. Air raid sirens over the Ukrainian capital (the Russians, of course, could not restrain themselves), a trip to Irpen, mutilated by the occupiers, words of solidarity. But what can European leaders actually offer Ukrainians?

Actually, not so much yet. Of course, arms deliveries are very important, but decisions to continue and increase military assistance do not depend on the arrival of high-ranking officials. Candidate status for EU membership, if indeed granted, is an important element of moral support, but so far nothing more: even months, if not years, will pass before accession negotiations begin, and EU membership itself takes years, if not years. decades.

JUNE 16, 2022

Georgian authorities keep Russian blogger Insu Lander out of the country for five days

On Sunday evening, June 12, Insa Lander escaped from house arrest and made her way from Nalchik to the Upper Lars checkpoint, which is located on the border between Russia and Georgia. However, the Georgian border guards refused to let the girl through – she has been in the border area for five days already.

In Russia, Lander is accused of facilitating terrorist activities. Human rights activists and journalists are sure that the case against her was initiated because of an investigation into the corrupt activities of a high-ranking official from Kabardino-Balkaria.

JUNE 15, 2022

In the occupied Kherson, the work of the port destroyed by the Russian troops was restored

The Kherson authorities appointed by the Russian military announced the resumption of the work of the commercial sea port and preparations for the shipment of agricultural goods to Russia. Earlier, the city port was destroyed and plundered by Russian soldiers.

“Kherson Commercial Seaport has resumed work and is preparing for cargo transshipment. The infrastructure is being restored, repairs are being carried out, preparations are underway for the resumption of full-fledged work, ”the city administration said.