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January 28, 2022

The example of Ukraine brings Georgia to life

An unprecedented event over the years has occurred in Georgia: Tbilisi publicly refused to join the new Western sanctions against Russia. The opposition has already stated that the Georgian prime minister “is pouring water on the aggressor’s mill, for which he must be held accountant.” In reality, such a policy fully corresponds to the national interests of this country – and that’s why.

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili announced that his country would not join the sanctions against Russia imposed due to the situation in Ukraine. For many in Georgia, this statement was a real shock, as here, commenting on the current events around Ukraine, they clearly draw parallels with the 2008 conflict. With “Russia’s occupation of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.”

Putin gives first assessment of US and NATO responses to Russian security proposals

Russian President Vladimir Putin, in a conversation with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, said that the US and NATO responses to Russia’s proposals on security guarantees did not take into account some of Russia’s fundamental concerns.

Putin noted that the Russian side would carefully study the responses received, after which it would decide on further actions.

“At the same time, attention was drawn to the fact that the American and NATO responses did not take into account such fundamental concerns of Russia as preventing NATO expansion, refusing to deploy strike weapons systems near Russian borders, as well as returning the bloc’s military potential and infrastructure in Europe to positions 1997, when the Russia-NATO Founding Act was signed,” the Kremlin website said in a statement. …

The State Duma called the West’s response to Moscow’s proposals on security guarantees   ”unambiguously negative.” In the Federation Council, Washington’s response to Moscow’s security proposals was  regarded  as US readiness for global confrontation and direct confrontation with Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov warned that if Moscow’s proposals for security guarantees  were rejected , then, as President Vladimir Putin said, Russia “will make a decision taking into account all factors, primarily in the interests of reliable security.” He also  emphasized that the leadership of Russia is able to reliably ensure the interests of the country’

Why is the Western citizen being frightened with the revival of the USSR”?

The “Russian invasion of Ukraine” is, according to Western media and politicians, only a means. And the goal is “the revival of the USSR.” This is exactly what the Russian leadership allegedly dreams of, if we are to believe the statements made regularly in the West. Where did such suspicions come from, why is the Western man still afraid of the Soviet Union, and what is Moscow really striving for? …

… Thus, US and EU statements about Moscow’s desire to restore the USSR are used not only to demonize Russia in the West (for example, to discredit Russian security proposals), but also to denigrate the image of the Kremlin and its motives in the eyes of the population of post-Soviet countries. Numerous American foundations, NGOs, and local organizations funded by them spread rumors about Russia’s attempts to “take over” the states of the post-Soviet space again – and these rumors, unfortunately, fall on prepared soil. A sort of mix of the myths of the local education system and the interests of some local groups that oppose integration processes with Russia. …

… Western media and politicians can relax – Moscow does not want to rebuild the Soviet Union. Russia is simply consolidating the post-Soviet space rather along the lines of the European Union. And he has every right to.

America is ready to give in to Russia

… Expert Americanist Malek Dudakov, in turn, believes that the United States can discuss with Russia not one, but three issues. ”Firstly, this is the limitation of the scale of NATO military exercises in the countries of Eastern Europe – in the states in which we show an increased interest in the interests of security,” the expert said. – Secondly, perhaps we are talking about restrictions on the deployment of NATO medium-range and shorter-range missiles in the countries of the above region. And, thirdly, the non-deployment of regular US military units, not counting training units, on the territory of Ukraine and Georgia.”

“These are areas in which, in my opinion, Washington can make concessions. For Biden, they are not the highest priority right now. True, the Americans themselves do not want to call it “concessions”, but the essence does not change,” the expert specified.

In Minsk, they announced NATO training to deliver a nuclear strike on the Union State

The North Atlantic Alliance is working out the possibility of using cruise missiles, including those with nuclear warheads, near the borders of the Union State of Belarus and Russia, said State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus Alexander Volfovich.

“The head of state drew attention to the intensification of flights of American strategic bombers near the borders of the Union State. According to our estimates, this means that the NATO Air Force is working out the potential possibility of using it, ” BelTA reports .

Russia is asked to save another country in Africa

An entire African city was hung with Russian flags, and the participants in a special rally demanded help from Russia. What Russian organization is able to help the people of Burkina Faso, why did the citizens of this country like the way the Russians acted in neighboring Mali—and why is France so unhappy with all this? …

… There is nothing surprising in the fact that many African states are striving to free themselves. This is happening because the West is trying to keep the population of these countries in a semi-animal state. All they do there is engage in intrigues: with one hand they create terrorist groups, and with the other they fight them, and, unfortunately, they do it very badly.

… All these so-called upheavals are due to the fact that the West is trying to manage states and suppress their national priorities, to impose values ​​that are alien to Africans, sometimes clearly mocking them. At the same time, it is engaged in the plundering of most African states. By the way, unlike Western pseudo-democracy, Russia respects and supports national priorities and values,” Prigozhin said.

Why Ukrainian security forces are killing each other

Chaos and total irresponsibility reign in the power structures of Ukraine. These are the conclusions that can be drawn from the results of the tragedy that broke out at the Ukrainian missile plant: a soldier of the National Guard shot his colleagues. How did such a crime become possible and why do Ukrainian security forces kill each other? …

… Ukrainian security forces are dangerous for their own people

The current tragedy is yet more proof that nothing should be done carelessly. In particular, the creation of armed groups—whether it be the National Guard or the newfangled territorial defense (the functions of which, until recently, were also performed by the National Guard). The inability of the Ukrainian state to support the security forces gives rise to reciprocal negligence, a decrease in motivation and professionalism. After that, emergencies like this are only a matter of time. …

… What happened at Yuzhmash is, of course, out of the ordinary. But truly, this is just the tip of the iceberg. The Ukrainian authorities are purposefully arming characters who are much more dangerous than this unruly soldier.

The West is preparing the Armed Forces of Ukraine for a large-scale provocation in the Donbass

… Assistance to Ukraine “in the event of a Russian invasion,” which is announced by the United States, Britain, Canada, and even the Baltic countries, is primarily a propaganda campaign designed to demonstrate global support for Ukraine in preparation for Russia’s “aggression,” Leonkov noted. ”But militarily, nothing is being done to seriously pump up the Ukrainian Armed Forces (UAF) so that they can withstand, for example, a clash with the Russian army. The equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Armed Forces of Russia is obviously incomparable,” the military expert pointed out. Arms supplies from the Western allies may play a role in the clash between the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the people’s militias of the DPR and LPR, but this role is also unlikely to be decisive, Leonkov believes.

Russia will not allow a new Srebrenica on Donetsk soil

At the same time, it is obvious that Kiev is preparing for a large-scale provocation on the line of contact with the republics of Donbass, the source said. In his opinion, this is evidenced not only by the incessant statements of the West in support of Ukraine, but also by the frequent flights of NATO reconnaissance aircraft – similar to those that are conducted before major offensives.

Recall that the preparation of provocations by Kiev, which may begin with a series of sabotage, is also reported in Donetsk. ”According to our intelligence, Ukraine has prepared several sabotage groups with the help of foreign specialists, and their target now is those settlements that are located along the line of contact, including Gorlovka, Donetsk, and Dokuchaevsk,” he told Russia 24 TV channel on Wednesday.

Russia has become the object of international gaslighting

… Russia has been the target of such a gaslighting campaign for several months now. It all started with “leaks” that “Russia plans to attack Ukraine.” Then came disturbing reports: Russia was building up its troop levels along the border with Ukraine. This was supposed to indicate: yes, Russia is about to attack. There were alarming signals from bloggers, it is not known where the photos of some kind of equipment were taken. Although, it would seem, what’s wrong with that? Firstly, this border does not run across a wild field, we have densely populated areas along it, we even have the capital relatively close, that is, we simply “live here.” And where we live, of course, our army is also located there.

Secondly, according to the Ukrainian narrative that dominates both official statements and the media, Ukraine itself believes that it has been at war with Russia for almost eight years. And what, don’t we need troops on the border with a country that seems to be at war with us (although we are not with it)?

But the gaslighting system did not stand still, it evolved. Specific dates began to appear, a discordance of dates began to sound: Russia would attack before the New Year; no, right on New Year’s Eve; no, until the end of January; no, during the Chinese Olympics; but, after all, after the Olympics, because Xi Jinping asked his friend Putin not to spoil his sports holiday. Although, of course, Russia must attack before the spring thaw comes, otherwise the tanks will not pass (there is the experience of the Finnish war, do not forget). What if the Russians fail? Then, of course, the war will be in the spring, when the ground dries up. But in any case, the war will be. …

… But to no lesser extent, this is the death of propaganda as a kind of art, since rather stupid tricks are used. What will come up next? That the Russians kidnapped Zelensky and replaced him with another comedian? Garik Martirosyan? However, there is nothing to be surprised about.

Watching this volcano of fantasy, you should not forget about the purpose of the whole enterprise. What are gaslighting campaigns for? To cover up some filth: fraud, embezzlement, treason. Therefore, it is worth looking at other things much more carefully: what is really happening? And there is a sharp and unprecedented militarization of Ukraine. The Kiev authorities these days receive weapons worth hundreds of millions of dollars non-stop. Receive from the USA, Great Britain and even the Baltic countries. There are signals about the accelerated admission to NATO of Sweden and Finland—countries that have long prided themselves on their neutrality. Joe Biden plans to send thousands of US troops to the same Baltic states with the prospect of expanding this contingent to tens of thousands. Finally, Ukrainian shelling of Donbass and even operations to kidnap Donbass militias continue. This is the answer to the question of where the threat to peace comes from.

Lavrov felt embarrassed for NATO because of its security response

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, commenting on NATO’s response to Russia’s proposals for security guarantees, said that he was “ashamed for those who wrote it.”

Lavrov noted in an interview with Russian radio stations that “against the background of the paper that was sent to us from NATO, the American response is almost a model of diplomatic decency.”

“The answer from NATO is so ideological, it breathes so much with the exclusivity of the North Atlantic Alliance, its special mission, its special purpose, that I was just a little ashamed of those who wrote these texts,” the Sputnik radio station quoted the minister as saying

At the same time, the constructive response of the United States and NATO was borrowed from Russian proposals: “All this (measures to prevent conflicts and de-escalate confidence-building measures) has been rejected over the past two to three years. Now all this is proposed to be discussed (…) Well, I think, well, at least something, in Russian speaking.

The minister added that Russia has begun an interdepartmental study of the response of NATO and the United States to security proposals. Also on Friday, Lavrov will send a request to all foreign colleagues on how their countries will implement the OSCE provisions on the indivisibility of security,  RIA Novosti reports .

He recalled the words of President Vladimir Putin that if Moscow’s attempts to agree on mutually acceptable principles for ensuring security in Europe fail, then Russia will take retaliatory measures, which can be very different, and the decision will be made on the basis of proposals from the military.

NATO offered Russia to exchange peace for war

The North Atlantic Alliance has finally responded to Moscow’s demand that it “gather up its belongings” and withdraw to the 1997 lines. NATO’s counter-condition to Russian troops is to withdraw to the 1991 borders from Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, that is, to leave Transnistria, Abkhazia, South Ossetia, Crimea. Thus, the alliance acted in the spirit of Soviet caricatures of itself – it replaced the demand for peace with the demand for war.

The written response of the US leadership to the “concerns of Russia” (in Washington they call it that) we know only from the general retelling of our diplomats and their politicians  – the Americans asked not to publish the document “ blessed ” by President Joe Biden.

The bad news is that Moscow’s key demand for a legally enforceable renunciation of NATO expansion into Georgia and Ukraine has been met with a predictable and categorical “non-starter.” But it seems that there are some good ones: the very fact of this correspondence, as it were, fixes the reluctant recognition of the United States that Russia has concerns about its own security – and the Americans are ready to discuss these concerns on other points: for example, on the point about the presence of NATO troops and military infrastructure in Eastern Europe. …

… Another fundamental point that NATO does not understand or does not want to understand (perhaps they are just playing the fool). The Russian military presence in all these republics and the guarantees of protection given to them are not a great value for Russia, but an inconvenient burden, including financial. Of course, a Russian word given to an ally is worth more than money, but Moscow’s only practical interest is the only political benefit that it tried to extract from these situations for itself, this is still the same guarantee against the further expansion of NATO to the east. In this sense, the PMR is an additional obstacle for Moldova, Abkhazia and South Ossetia – for Georgia, Donbass – for Ukraine.

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January 18, 2022

Erdogan doubts Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told Turkish reporters on board a plane returning from Albania that he did not consider the possibility of a Russian “invasion” of Ukraine realistic. “I do not consider the prospect of a Russian invasion of Ukraine realistic, because Ukraine is not an ordinary country, it is a strong country. In addition, for Russia to be able to do this, it must reconsider the situation around the world and its own situation,” he said.

Lavrov discussed double standards in relation to Russia. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said during negotiations with German Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock that Moscow would not accept demands regarding the actions of the Russian army on its own territory.

What will be the end of America? “America is coming to its end—and the only question is what it will be.” This is a quote from one of the many Western authors who are right now drawing up scenarios for a crisis that would destroy the United States. What do these scenarios look like and what processes, according to analysts, are leading the United States to death and collapse?

Freemasons decided the fate of America.

The United States is preparing for the death of Maidan Ukraine. US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said that Russia was destabilizing the situation in Ukraine and threatened Moscow with sanctions. But if you look at the situation in Ukraine, there is no doubt that representatives of the opposition and the authorities are undermining the already shaky stability in this state. Potentially the most destabilizing factor could be the return of former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on January 17th. He will probably be immediately detained as soon as he returns to the country. There is a corresponding court order. Another question: will Ukrainian law enforcement officers be able to take the former head of state under arrest?

How the Russian Navy should put pressure on the United States. “ … What is the state of the Russian Navy today and what “measures” should be taken against the United States? … If we exclude small missile and anti-submarine ships and the like, then for all four fleets and one flotilla Russia has exactly 39surface ships that can be sent to the [zone right off the coast of the United States].

Demand for Russian peacekeepers has grown around the world. Against the backdrop of the completion of the CSTO mission in Kazakhstan, mass demonstrations were held in African Mali in another part of the world in support of cooperation with Russia. Moscow is expected to solve their acute problem of internal security. According to experts, successful peacekeeping in Mali will dramatically enhance Russia’s image on the continent. What other benefits can Moscow get from getting involved in the affairs of a distant African country, and why could this spoil relations with France?